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In Touch Signature Medi-Facial

This treatment combines cleansing, extractions and prepping of your skin with the power of enzymes to gently exfoliate. You will enjoy a gentle massage on the face, neck and décolleté. A mask will be applied for the ultimate in skin hydration, finishing with moisturizer including SPF protection.

60 min   $85

Clear Skin Medi-Facial

This treatment focuses on deep cleansing, extractions, clearing and unclogging pores and sanitizing the skin to prevent breakouts from occurring with high frequency.

60 min  $80

In Touch Signature or Clear Skin Medi-Facial with Galvanic

Enhance your Medi-Facial with Galvanic, a machine used to propel products deep into the skin through electric currents. It liquefies blackheads to make extractions easier to remove.

60 min  $150

In Touch Signature or Clear Skin Medi-Facial with TAMA Microcurrent

Intensify your Medi-Facial with TAMA Microcurrent. It leaves skin with a great glow and tone and tightens the muscles.

85 min  $180

TAMA Microcurrent Medi-Facial

This non-invasive holistic treatment uses Therapeutic Advanced Microcurrent Appliances (TAMA) with no downtime to recover. Microcurrent, an alternative to a facelift, lifts and tightens the skin of the face and neck. In many cases, results may be seen in the first session. This treatment produces the best results in a series of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance sessions.

45 min  $140

Dermal Edge Medi-Facial

This treatment includes cleansing, deep exfoliation and dermal edging. Dermal edging removes the top layer of dead skin cells and fine hair or “peach fuzz” to prevent acne and help skin care products absorb. You will enjoy a finishing application of anti-aging serum and moisturizer including SPF protection.

45 min  $90

May be added to any skin care treatment               30 min  $45

Skin Bright Medi-Facial

Designed specifically for sun damaged and pigmented skin with conditions such as rosacea, inflammation from acne scarring and others, this Medi-Facial combines exfoliation with Vitamin C to help lighten pigmentation and repair your skin. Pigmentation levels vary, therefore, a series of treatments may be needed to achieve desired results.

60 min  $125

Restoration Facial with LED Light Treatment

Next level anti-aging facial! This nourishing, hydrating and refreshing treatment uses oxygen, LED light and massage. LED light stimulates tissue, renews skin and restores suppleness while reducing wrinkles to give your skin a fresh, healthy appearance. Your treatment will also include a soothing facial massage for added relaxation.

75 min  $175

In Touch Serums Medi-Facial

Can’t choose between the Skin Bright, Clear Skin or Restoration Medi-Facials? This treatment combines all three into one special facial.

60 min  $150